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John E. Caldwell, Jr.

At the core of my personality is progress and improvement.  I am a solutions oriented individual, so I have never encountered a dilemma that I didn't like.  I have a passion for people and powerful relationships.  I worked for Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years, holding executive and management roles for 16 of those years.  I've had the privilege of building leaders who themselves have gone on to executive roles.  Throughout my life and career, countless people contributed to my personal success by depositing into me humble confidence, love for family and the value of community.  After decades of sowing into someone else's dreams, I decided to move in a different direction.  Establishing my company, C5 Development, redirects my gifts into my own dream of ownership, legacy and philanthropy.  This company is rooted in the values that my father taught me and that are central to who I am -- excellence, diligence and faith.  I believe that it will serve as a legacy and bless family generations to come.  I also understand that we honor our highest selves when we help others and, while this has always been my personal pledge, I will use this business as a vehicle to give back on a larger scale.  I was called to this mission.  I labor with gratitude in my heart.  I wake up excited every day to make C5 Development an asset to all who come along with me on this journey.

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