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John E. Caldwell, Jr.

Mr. Caldwell is a dedicated operations professional with over 16 years of experience in executive and management roles. He is a proven leader, mentor, and strategic planner who has led organizations and major projects to achieve measurable gains.  One of Mr. Caldwell's many business strengths is his ability to merge innovation with proven strategies.  Adept at directing performance-driven workforce management, planning, process improvement, and quality control expertise, he is nimble and prudent in any business setting.  He values the cultivation of long-term relationships between key executive decision makers and stakeholders to facilitate personnel and organizational growth.  


Mr. Caldwell's business philosophy recognizes that effective operations systems of any kind are created through personal development, empowerment and engagement.  Notably, the majority of the teams he managed were promoted to leadership positions.  During his career, Mr. Caldwell successfully applied these principles to ensure operations profitability, reinforce high standards, boost overall employee performance and reduce costs.  Under his watch, this approach has yielded data-driven process improvement initiatives that deliver efficient production schedules.  As the leader of a flagship manufacturing facility, his expertise generated over $1 billion in company revenue. The site was consequently selected as one of five global facilities to implement new efficiency methodologies.  As Division Director of a major oil and gas enterprise, he successfully restructured the operations and sales divisions to increase annual revenue by 15%.  As a Senior Director, he spearheaded workforce planning for 3,000 employees across 16 global markets.


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